We will know

Jadi inget “Graduation Speech” di film Twilight Saga, simple sebenernya tapi maknanya bagus.

When we were five, they asked us
what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Our answers were things
like astronaut, president.

When we were 10, they asked again.
We answered rock star, cowboy
or, in my case, a gold medalist.

But now that we have grown up,
they want a serious answer.

Well, how about this?
Who the hell knows?


This isn’t the time to make
hard-and-fast decisions.

This is the time to make mistakes.
Take the wrong train
and get stuck somewhere.

Change your mind, and change it again,
because nothing’s permanent.

So make as many mistakes as you can.

That way, someday,
when they ask what we want to be,
we won’t have to guess.

We will know.

Sudah saatnya kita harus tau akan menjadi apa kita kelak atau minimal tau passion sebenarnya. Seperti kutipan di atas, mungkin ketika kecil kita memimpikan banyak hal dan itu selalu berubah-ubah tapi mengingat kita sekarang sudah dewasa it’s time to make mistakes and then learn from them, change your mind because nothing permanent, love a lot and they will love you back, and then You can answer what you wanna be.

Kuta, 22 July 2012


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