Being Too Nice, A Tough Habit to Break

Surely being nice is a good personal trait and people like someone who is nice and warmth. But if you are too nice, like always help other but ignoring what you have to do is not a good habit, isn’t it? It usually happens to people who helpful, warmth and easy going. Being too nice is also like highly agreeable, you might hard to say “No” just because you don’t want to make upset people around you. In this life there are more important things than pleasing others.  It is right, isn’t it?

From these questions, you can determine if you are too nice or not

  • Do you have a hard time saying “No”?
  • Do you worry about what people think about you?
  • Do you look for approval to make decision?
  • Do you put someone else’s need before your own?
  • Do you want everyone to think of you as “really a nice person”?

If you answered yes, you most likely paying the price for being too nice.  Based on my experience, if you have “too nice” habit you will failure to do what you have to accomplish, in career and relationship as well. You also failed to be authentic and tend to use a “mask” to please other. It’s very nice if you are to be yourself and to be accepted as you are.

When you stop being too nice and start making yourself a priority, not only do you benefit, but people around you as well. Think about this, if you burned out or stressed out, what’s left to give to others?

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody” – Bill Cosby


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