Should you subscribe Netflix

been two months since I subscribed Netflix, and how is it?


I was bit excited when Netflix announced that its service available in Singapore. Since I was in college I wanted to enjoy this movie streaming service. The thing is, Netflix didn’t expand to Indonesia (at that moment). Now, I’m able to watch movies from this movie streaming provider. For you guys who want to subscribe Netfix, here some points you should consider :

  1. The video quality is awesome even tough  for the basic package.
  2. We can create own playlist and even if  you are not finished watching movie you can start from the time you watch last.
  3. Movie collections are few and maybe you’ll be disappointed but they alwas increase the number.
  4. Movie serial collections are good enough and maybe you’ll find the one that you never heard before.
  5. You can enjoy it using Virtual Reality since they already published it on oculus store.

That’s all my opinion for Netflix. Enjoy it, do piracy less and respect originality…



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