Rasanya Tinggal dengan Penduduk Lokal di Richmond

I felt like living in Serial TV …

Western-style house, australian-british accent, cold weather…

So my last journey I decided to live with local at least in one city. Dan pilihan jatuh di sebuah town bernama Richmond. Situated nearby Melbourne and just 20 minutes commutes by tram from Melbourne City center. Suasana kotanya OK, banyak dijumpai tempat makan dan ada taman juga. Yaa it’s just normal town. But the most interesting experience is living with the locals itself.

Jadi selama tiga hari tinggal di sebuah rumah di Sommerset street milik Peter dan Helen. Mereka adalah suami istri dan mungkin berusia sekitar 70 tahun. There are very polite or too polite (either Australian people is so polite or maybe my “manners” is not good enough if I should live here). I don’t even know how many times they said “Are you okay?” and also I don’t know how many times I replied “I’m ok, thank you”. haha Mungkin ini sudah jadi tradisi orang-orang sini ya karena ketika makan di sekitar sini pun kadang ditanya “How is the food?”, “Are the drink ok?” I visited three coffee shops (two in melbourne and one in sydney) they started with “How are you?” So, emang culture disini yang kadang sering nanya tentang kabar atau good or not good?

Suasana Kamar

Another thing is they asked about what I need, seperti ketika keliatan mendung mereka menawarkan payung atau ketika butuh sesuatu tinggal ke dapur. And when I asked them where can I find the best coffee in Melbourne, they asked me to join their coffee time (another kindness). Having conversation with them is like I learned more about how to respect elderly.

Another thing is they have little puppy and I like the puppy but ya but he licked on my jeans. Harus merelakan satu celana ga bisa dipakai buat sholat (no laundry tho)

Kalo suasana Richmond bisa diliat di foto ini :


Such a great experience living with them but unfortunately lupa ambil foto bareng Peter dan Helen. At least I enjoyed staying with them and I want more living with locals in another trip. I fell like just plain trip kalau jalan-jalan keluar cuma dateng ke objek wisata, makan, foto-foto dan pulang. At least I need to experiencing the culture and “be like local”.

Keep wandering and respect elderly …


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