On Why I’m Interested in Visual Storytelling and How Make It Works

Looking back last year when I stumbled upon on Simone Bramante gallery

The pictures are excellent and so meaningful, meaning I could imagine what happen on the pictures. He can capture scenery, cityscap or architectural things and put people on it. So then I decided to learn about this topic – story telling

I can see many gorgeous  landscape pictures on my Instagram feed and mostly, taken in Europe. It was good, ya but ya what I want is I can feel the story of the images. I want emotion is involved in the pictures I take. Imagine you can feel that you are in the photo you took and you are the main character who is wandering around.

Then the journey begun ..

Learning, practice, learning, practice…

Could you tell story from this picture below?

“Jezz, how to get money without working”

If yes, so I’m visual story teller expert now. *kidding2*. When I was sitting at riverside, I saw something interesting I can capture and viola I got the oldman thinking about something (maybe how to get money without working haha). And luckily, I got the emotion from the oldman as well. I also gave cinematic effect, it’s like I pause your blue-ray movie and capture the image from that.

How to make it works??

I’m still learning about this thing so I just share what I know. Probably, you can find more logical advise from the expert.

It’s about emotion



Emotion over image

In my opinion, the most important about visual storytelling is the emotion. Though it’s not always mandatory. But if you can get the emotion, you’re in 80% way of your work. Maybe

It’s about courage

Yes, candid

Sometime you need to down to the street and take picture around. And yes, the challenge is you need to do candid to the stranger. You don’t know if they will mad at you or not. So I confess, this point is the hardest one. I smiled to the oldman and he smiled back to me and gotcha I took the picture.

It’s about timing

“I’m home”, literally

Timing matters. You need to get the perfect timing to get the story of the picture you want to take. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes not. On the picture above, I knew the lady will cross the “bridge” to the boat house. So, I was waiting on the riverside (actually it was a hot day and I need to find a shaded place haha). Then violaaa, I took that one.

Sometimes, It’s random

A man hold the woman’s hand so gently

Like taking photos on the street, sometime you simply just need to stroll, take picture and walk away. Do it again and again. Maybe about 10 pictures you took, you can get one “story image”. Ya maybe ya, if you are lucky.

OK then, you can also learn from these instagram account, the storytelling expert @brahmino  and @helloemilie


Everything begins from beginner…


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