Framing ideas, enhance your photo composition

Why photographers are so violent? – Because they’ll frame you, shoot you, blow you up and then hang you.

Talking about composition, everyone has different perspective. People might take just landscape photos or add some objects in their photos. They may also follow some rules; one-third, half, etc. So, how about adding a frame to your photo?

Photo Framing is like you adding something “frame-like” to your images when taking a photo. So, I create list based on my experience how to do framing in photography:

The basic

It’s widely applied by many photographers. The idea is to find an object that can cover some part of object we want to capture. It can be sill, door opened, gate, windows, etc. And you can make it more awesome if you can play with the light. So, you can enhance the focus of your photo.

Unsyd Campus Hall

Object by object

Find an magnificent object to replace the edge of your of photo. This one is not easy, you need to find two iconic objects so you will get the feeling (wait what feeling?) Here I use Sydney Harbour Bridge to cover the edge of Sydney Opera House.

One cloudy afternoon in Sydney

Your gear

You can use your gear to make a frame to your photo. I give you mine. Here I used viewfinder of my camera as a frame, and I took photo with my smartphone. You can use any gear or just use your eye-glass as a frame.



This one is my favorite. Using smartphone as photo frame and shoot it with bokeh. It makes your object really focus. People will give an attention to your object. The drawback here, you need to have smartphone with good screen. I confidence with AMOLED from my phone, so I can expand creativity with photoception.

Singapore Japanese Cemetery Park

Explore more things and be more creative


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