Managing and Reducing Stress at Work (based on my experience)

I’m not saying I like working, we all love holiday …

Complaining is “human middle name”, but if too much??

But as we are being adult we must face reality that work happens. Even if you love what you do at works, there are some factors that makes you unhappy i.e your boss, workplace, commute time or the atmosphere. To be honest in early life in Singapore, everything was not going smooth. The work pace is faster than in Indonesia, need to catch up with my experiences colleagues, communication skills, etc. But after few month, I want to say working in singapore is still better than working in Indonesia. Especially, after I can manage stress working in here. And how is it happen?


Have a/some hobbies


It will help you a lot, really. Most of us still thinking about our works after office hours ends. Having a hobby makes you focus on what you like rather than thinking too much about works. During my commute time to home,I always come up with ideas what I want to do next, cover new song with my piano, pick another song to play with my guitar or improving my photography skills. Just try it!

Lunch time is precious

Maybe the best time working in office is having lunch with colleagues. Lunch is precious because you can try new foods nearby your office, you can have a talks with your colleagues, or you can just relax and watching YouTube in office. For me, lunch time is the best time to talk random things with my colleagues. Sometime we come up with ideas what next place to visit, or just random question that makes long discussion (what car do you want to buy, how to make money without working, how many days before weekends)

Your colleagues’ factor


Your colleagues determines your stress level. For example, if you always get together with people who complaining  about works, you will tend to be affected. Even if you are happy with your job, people opinion or statement affecting you. So, choose wisely the colleague you want to spend the time with. Pick colleagues that having similar values, that can share ideas together.

Travel regularly 

I’m not saying travel often because for sure we need to save our money or makes infestation. I’m saying regularly, just one a year is ok, but to the place really new. It really refresh your mind and could give you new perspective. And when you come back to office, your mind is recharged.

Stop complaining, start creating


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