What I Get from Quitting Social Media

I talked to people I am quitting from social media..


As an Indonesian, we have obsession on viral sharing (e.g telling personal life, announce life event, or just talk about new things just bought from store). That is why social media is so popular and it is very common to people having more than two social media or even more than one account in one platform. I had four social media that I almost open it daily (Instagram, Twitter, Path and Facebook). And I was an active user and almost everyday I create “status” on Instagram story and tweeting as well. And as I use it regularly, I realized that social media is not relevant anymore with my lifestyle and my values. So I decided to deactivate the account and delete some of them.

It was not easy at for the first three week when I live without social media because I used to life with that platform. I opened it when waiting for the train, when waiting on long queue, when I have nothing to do after office hours and when I get bored on weekend. Then I had to “fill up” the gap between time that I used to open social media with another activities. I came up with doing more and connect with people more. I read book more, I do volunteer, I talk with people more and I even sleep more. Moreover I have some benefits by quitting social media that changed my life a bit.


This is probably the most benefit when I quit from social media. I could concentrate more on everything I do because less distraction occurred. No more likes notification from Instagram, no more Path notification comment and so on so on. That was a bit strange at first when I didn’t get any notification on my phone yet I could get benefit from it like I can read a book for 30 minutes to an hour without interruption. I also become less and less doing multitasking.

Well-mannered life

One day, when I came back to Indonesia and had dinner with my old friend I notice one thing. I felt not comfortable because she kept checking phone when she got Instagram notification. And then I asked to myself “Is this really dinner?”. Maybe I also did it (checking phone while talking with someone, pay less attention to people when trying to capture photo for my Instagram). Right after I deactivated my accounts, I feel more connected to “real people”. I am more considerate to people around me. And most of them time my phone is in silent mode (not even vibrate) and even accidentally I ignore phone call from Google.

Honestly and Humility

I saw many people (tough not all of them) tend to be dishonest when they updated “status” on social media. People are trying to impress their friends by make up their story or just “exaggerate” their story. I had one friend who upload the photos with very good caption and seems she very enjoy her holiday but when I talked to her personally she said the holiday was bit bored, it was to long. The point is why we dishonest to people just to impress them.

And when telling our life to people we tend to show off to much. People lost their humility. About humility, I inspired by a girl who do alot of good thing but she did not tell to anybody about her kindness and even not published to social media.

Once again, I am not saying social media is not totally bad, it has good thing to offer as well. I am quitting because it doesn’t fit with my life and my value anymore.

Singapore, July 15 2017


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